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New Electric Vehicles and Public Charging Stations Celebrated by Community Bridges Lift Line Program

The Lift Line Paratransit Dial-A-Ride Program, operated by Community Bridges, held a ribbon-cutting event on April 26 to celebrate the introduction of two 16-seat electric vehicle (EV) shuttles equipped with wheelchair lifts. These EVs will be recharged by two Level 2 charging stations installed at the Lift Line fleet facility in Watsonville. The chargers are accessible to the public.

Lift Line is the first public transportation agency in Santa Cruz County to utilize all-electric vehicles. The Lift Line EV shuttles will serve up to 700 low-income, disadvantaged community participants annually.

The EV program will reduce carbon emissions by supporting the transition from a gas-powered to an EV fleet, as well as contributing to a more complete network of EV charging stations throughout Santa Cruz County.

Speakers at the event included Santa Cruz County Supervisor Zach Friend, Watsonville Mayor Paco Estrada, Community Bridges CEO Raymon Cancino, California Air Resources Board Assistant Director Veronica Eady, and Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission Communications Specialist Shannon Munz.

Miller Maxfield managed media relations for the event as well as created branded materials, coordinated with event partners such as the California Air Resources Board, and assisted with event logistics, including photography.

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