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City’s Innovative GO Santa Cruz Program Reports Strong Response from Downtown Employees

The results are in and strong support is already being shown for the City’s GO Santa Cruz Program. The initiative, launched October 1, aims to provide downtown employees with commute alternatives to single-occupant car trips. Since launch, 980 of 4,000 downtown employees (24.5 percent) have registered through the online portal for the program.

Benefits distributed to date:

  • 587 free METRO transit passes

  • 237 JUMP bike discount benefits

  • 139 BikeLink bike locker cards

In addition to the items above, the GO Santa Cruz program offers bike safety trainings, carpool incentives, and carpool ride matching and commute information. Not to mention the opportunity to earn Downtown Dollars that can be spent just like cash at a variety of downtown businesses.

Most recently, GO Santa Cruz was named an honoree for the upcoming 2020 NEXTies in the Wildcard category. The NEXTies will be held on March 20 and celebrates the area’s best and brightest doers.

Miller Maxfield developed the branding for GO Santa Cruz, including the logo and signage currently promoting the effort. To further support the City, a comprehensive communication plan was built and a Facebook page was launched to help get the word out to downtown employees.

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