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Housing Santa Cruz County website: Implementing the right solution

When the opportunity arose to help a client customize a new website, the Miller Maxfield team worked to troubleshoot how the site could be best optimized to meet the client’s unique needs.

Housing Santa Cruz County is a new nonprofit focused on ensuring Santa Cruz County is an inclusive, thriving, just, diverse, culturally rich and sustainable community by promoting affordable, safe, stable homes for local residents and workers. One of the features they were most excited about on their new website ( was the ability to offer personal memberships and business sponsorships to support their effort.

However, the platform originally selected for the website did not offer an affordable, customizable plugin that met Housing Santa Cruz County’s needs. The Miller Maxfield team went back to the drawing board and suggested a new platform that could better-adapt to the client’s desires. Rebuilding the website on a new platform was a more cost-effective solution and provided the added bonus of polishing the website content and design into a more professional look and feel.

Miller Maxfield has been a partner of the affordable housing movement in Santa Cruz County since 2018, including the Measure H campaign.

Housing Santa Cruz County website visitors can now purchase a membership online.


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